I'm Keri Riley, a backwoods mom in Alaska fighting off moose, mosquitoes, and middle age.

Where to Begin?

Life Off The Grid

I'll plant my children in the depth of these woods...then sit upon my porch and watch them grow.

That's So Alaska

The world is so wide here...I can see clear into yesterday from where I stand.

Just Another Scenic Sunday

And with this camera I capture the seconds of our lives.


Our children come from other women's wombs. Some stay for life. Some only in our hearts. All of them are ours.

In This Life

I told somebody once that my life was boring...and then I began to write it down.

The Blog Roll

Our life as it goes...day by day...week by week...in order of operation.
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  • It Takes A Village

    Our little community of Ninilchik, Alaska, is saddened by the death of one of our local teens in a four wheeler accident on the beach this past weekend.  A boy with a history of trying to find his place.  A boy being raised by a village, known by many and understood by few. A few [...]

  • I See Clear People

    It’s a simple story really.  A simple story with a big impact.  I’ve tried to elaborate it. I’ve tried to embellish it.  But in the end, it all comes down to a three minute conversation with a five year old.  Here it is. I stared across the room at my oldest child in her bed, [...]

  • This is Perfect…


  • I Live Here…For Now

    One boy turns to the other and says, “Just because you live here, doesn’t mean…” “I live here?” the second boy interrupts, a broad grin spreading across his face. It’s not the first time I’ve witnessed that moment, that dawning of understanding that there is a difference between ‘staying’ somewhere and ‘living’ somewhere….especially in the [...]

  • Things I Don’t Tell You

    The other day on my Facebook page, I commented something about having a bad day.  A reader replied, saying she was relieved I was having a bad day because it seemed like I always knew what to do…or something like that. I laughed out loud…shook my head…and started to type. It’s so easy to appear, [...]

  • When They Were Sisters

    Mya and Shawnta 2004   They sit at the tiny table, the two of them. One across from the other Cutching crayons In pink fingers.  Perfect little fingers.   The girl on the left is four, the right six. Sized almost the same Almost identical They are sisters in life—if not by blood.   The [...]

  • Destini Reads

    Apparently, children learn via repetition…as demonstrated in this video of Destini at about 2 1/2 years old.  Let me start by saying, Destini had an unusually good grasp of language at a very young age. I have video of her using full, complete sentences, at fourteen months old.  By two, she was speaking very fluently. [...]

  • Just Another Scenic Sunday 10-16-11

      Took a nice drive to Anchorage…              

  • Thanksgiving Kids 2012

        In case you thought families ACTUALLY photograph well…(and camera focus actually worked…)