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I'm Keri Riley, a backwoods mom in Alaska fighting off moose, mosquitoes, and middle age.

Where to Begin?

Life Off The Grid

I'll plant my children in the depth of these woods...then sit upon my porch and watch them grow.

That's So Alaska

The world is so wide here...I can see clear into yesterday from where I stand.

Just Another Scenic Sunday

And with this camera I capture the seconds of our lives.


Our children come from other women's wombs. Some stay for life. Some only in our hearts. All of them are ours.

In This Life

I told somebody once that my life was boring...and then I began to write it down.

The Blog Roll

Our life as it by day...week by order of operation.
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  • Consolidation

    Sometime in the next few months our family of nine intends to move from our 7 bedroom, 3300 square foot house, into a cabin less than half that size.  Good luck, you no doubt laughingly say, and we’ll need it.  We’ve spent the past six months slowly narrowing down our belongings to a reasonable amount, [...]

  • Always Be Prepared

    I was once in a vehicle that slammed into an eight foot snow burm, flipped to the right and rolled onto the top, spun in the center of the road, upside down, and finally came to a stop.  I crawled out a broken window with two other people, unhurt, and quickly realized the next vehicle [...]

  • Free…To Whom?

    My small boys wake each morning and come directly to the kitchen table, still rubbing the sleep from their eyes.  I send them to wash while I pile on their plate either eggs and potatoes and toast or oatmeal with honey and butter. Sometimes we have peanut butter toast and a sliced pear and once [...]

  • Dear Alaska Tourist

    Welcome to Alaska!  I’m so glad you were able to drive all this way in your motor home to enjoy this fabulous state.  We love it here and hope you do also. It doesn’t bother me at all to be behind your motor home.  Especially when you slow way down so you don’t miss anything.  [...]

  • The Downfall Of Duct Tape

      Today I laid down 99 cents each for those balsa wood airplanes for my three youngest boys. I don’t know why…an impulse buy at the register.  Because, aside from being incredibly flimsy, physically incapable of flight and a total waste of a dollar, they are also the only thing in the world that duct [...]

  • Just Another Scenic Sunday 6-23-13

    Since I’ve neglected Scenic Sunday for a while…this is a super-sized version with several weeks all wrapped up in one! Lucky you!  

  • Kids With No Cable

    [singlepic id=241 w=320 h=240 float=center] It was a sunny afternoon in 2002 and the kids were zoned in on the television with rapt attention.  Dan walked in the room, stared at our bunch for a moment, and then walked right outside and cut the satellite television cable in half.  After the shock wore off, the [...]

  • Just Another Scenic Sunday 10-16-11

      Took a nice drive to Anchorage…              

  • When Someone You Know…Becomes Someone You Knew

    We’ve all been there… I’ve had friends…who I loved…who I couldn’t imagine my life without. Friends who were dear to me.  Friends…best friends…you thought would stick around forever. And then you move. Or they do. Or something happens and life just leads you in opposite directions. You swear to remain close. You call, you write, [...]

  • Backwoods Bread

    Backwoods Bread I grew up on homemade bread.  It was thick. It was soft. It was healthy.  It was probably delicious. And I hated it. So when I became a parent myself I swore to give my children only the best store bought, fluffy white bread.  But when I acquired a houseful of children who [...]