Just Another Scenic Sunday 5/29/2011

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  This week in my life I… Watched an egg toss go wrong… Saw intense tug-o-war… Stuck up on Billy… Saw twelve of Ninilchiks kids become adults… Witnessed Love Made some stuff… Worked on some fishies… Overlooked Ninilchik Village at sunset… Saw some wobbly-legged newbies… Thought about what it’s all about… Remembered the past… Was […]

Against All Odds

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    Found in Cooper Landing, Alaska…fighting it’s way thru the asphalt “Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature’s law is wrong it learned to walk with out having feet Funny it seems, but keeping it’s dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air Long live the […]

A Simple Truth

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Tomorrow afternoon our son…will become our son. Legally, at least, though he’s been ours for four years.  I’m going to share a few words from a pre-adopt interview. Not to impede on his privacy, but because sometimes we forget that a child has a voice…if only we’d listen. When asked about his birth family: “I […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 5/22/11

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This week in my life I….. Happened across the best beach find ever… Wondered what made those holes in this hunk of coal.. Found some more old dock wood….wondered how far it traveled…. Built some cool fishes from beetle-kill spruce… Had a close encounter with this guy who let me get within four feet…   […]

I Remember Her

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I remember the way her hair smelled when I tucked her in under my arm.  How she snuggled so close, trying to crawl back into the womb from which she did not come. I can feel her fragile arms wrapped around mine, her tiny beating heart pulsing against my side as she lay her soft […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 5/15/11

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This Week In Photos… This week I went on an overnight field trip with Mya’s sixth grade class on a boat to Peterson Bay, across the Ketchamak Bay from Homer, Alaska. We saw a few sea birds…   Visited Gull Island…thousands of birds on a big rock in the water. Headed across the bay towards […]

Fuller Lakes Trail

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It was noon on a sunny summer day last June when Dan and I decided on the spur of the moment to hike in to Fuller Lakes Trail near Cooper Landing, Alaska. We’d driven by the spot a thousand times but never had we explored what was beyond the steep steps rising from the side […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 5/8/11

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THIS WEEK IN PHOTOS! I noticed sure signs of Spring on my porch… Was stared at by a rubber chicken in the window of the Salty Dawg in Homer. Made a visit to Homer and the Salty Dawg Saloon…always a cool site! Visited the beautiful Homer Harbor!

Birds Eye View

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This morning during my walk I got the opportunity to be eye level with this guy…and I took it.  He didn’t move for a long time. He just watched me as I clicked away.  What a great way to start the day!

Just Another Scenic Sunday 5/1/11

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This week in pictures…all taken in the past week. THIS is why I live where I do. (click to enlarge) Immature Bald Eagle on Ninilchik Beach Ducks take flight at the mouth of Deep Creek My kids are PLAYERS…as all good little Ninilchik kids are… 😉 On Ninilchik beach Saturday morning Ducks in motion, mouth […]