Moose Attack!

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Object in this photo is closer than it appears… I first noticed her in the distance, blending in to the swampy foliage with her thick brown fur.  She moved through the forest nearly silent, long legs fluid beneath her, as my dad and I crunched loudly through the mossy undergrowth.  We stopped.  Figured we’d stand, […]

I Cry In The Bathroom

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I write these sad stories about my kids…about their survival and their trials. About their successes.  And my readers cry out, “Good job, mom!”…or… “Where would they be without you?” And I’ll accept the compliments with one raised eyebrow as I think, “They did it despite my failures half the time…”  But I acknowledge my […]

My Lost Boy

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Written in February, 2007… Edited in June, 2011, for confidentiality…               As I step into the small room I am greeted with the smell of boy.  It’s a common smell to mothers.  Dirt and candy.  The boy’s room is like other eleven year olds; even if he’s not.  I plop his clean clothes down on […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 6/26/11

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This week I… Witnessed intense concentration… Nearly had a heart attack…but grabbed the camera first… Made a friend…then accidentally squished him and was sad… Visited a friend… Rafted on the Kenai River… Watched kids bond…and bounce… Took kids to the cabin… Let go and let God… Saw summer bloom… Watched this guy for a while… […]

Kenai River Rafting

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The great thing about life jackets…everybody has the same square figure…   The last time I was rafting on the Kenai River, a bunch of us folded an old Avon raft over the top of a tiny car, threw in a cooler chest of questionably legal beverages, and spent the day pulling to the bank […]

Sixteen and Profitable

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Someday I hope to live child-free. And in order see that fantasy happen, I have to get them out of my house…independent…living on their own.  And to achieve that goal, I must teach them how to support themselves, so they don’t come back and live in my basement with their six children and deadbeat spouse.  […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 6/18/11

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Enjoyed the drive to Anchorage This week in my life I…. Witnessed love at first site… Watched the kids have basketball camp… This is how Alaskans use their fish totes… Enjoyed a beach memorial… Saw the largest cigar I’ve ever seen…and strangely, enjoyed the smell… Played with fire… Witnessed mischievousness… Watched some eagles fly… Realized […]

I Am From…

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In school this year, Billy was assigned to create a video called, “I Am From” that told the story of who he is.  Each slide was supposed to start with “I Am From” and there were requirements as to what kinds of pics he had to have.  Some modifications were made by his teacher, because […]

Father’s Day

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With Father’s Day upon us, I’ve spent some time trying to put together a piece about what makes a “father” become a “dad”.  I’ve scribbled down some poetic mumbo-jumbo.  I’ve come up with some passable ideas.  But the more I thought about it, the more frustrated I became, wondering…what is the definition of a good […]

My Overcoming One

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The tiny boy with the bright blue eyes Looked up and said to me Can I live here a long, long time? Three months, if you’d agree. Three months? I said, to the blue eyed boy That isn’t long you see, For an eight year old to have a mom… A dad…a family. He looked […]

Robin Wonders

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I rarely talk with my long term kids about their early childhood in front of the other kids.  For some reason I’ve always hesitated…I didn’t really know why.  But one day I told the story of when Mya was a toddler and she was afraid of the moon outside her bedroom window.  We all had […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 6/5/11

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This week in my life I…. Pulled a small stick out of Robins leg… Wondered why people leave garbage on the beach…even if it cute… Walked with friends… Found some cool beach treasures… Taught the boy what a magnifying glass is really for… Took away the magnifying glass… Watched the kids get crafty in the […]

This I Believe

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My daughter, Robin, came to us when she was six years old.  We were her tenth family.  This year for a school project she created a piece for a website called, “This I Believe”.  This is her story, completely unedited. THIS I BELIEVE By Robin Riley Ninilchik Middle School, 7th grade There are kids in […]

And Justice For Ally

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She felt the pull of death and it was welcome.  She lay silent, worn from screaming, her voice unheard as she lay in the shallow box.  She saw him coming, smelled him above her before he came into her blurred site.  She didn’t curl into herself.  She couldn’t.  There was a time when her body […]