Just Another Scenic Sunday 07/31/11

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This week in my life I…. Staked out my home site where we will begin to build our new home… Wished I could see this boat in it’s prime… Visited Homer Harbor… Saw a mama eagle and her baby (right) Watched my kids work together… Taught Robin to love the weed whacker…and to wear pants […]

Resurrection Trail — aka Trail Of Terror

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 Written summer, 2010…warning…this piece is long…but worth the read (or at least look at the photographs of true Alaska wilderness.) We were eighteen steps down the trail when Anthony announced he had to go to the bathroom. And not the easy one. Blood pressure rising so early in the day, Dan unclipped the boys backpack […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 7/24/11

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  This week in my life I….. Hung out on the river with my bff… Dip netted some salmon…lots of salmon… Explored the beach and wondered how boats get on land… Wondered why clams are so attractive to so many… Visited the boat launch during a wind storm… Learned the small boy can do standing […]

Sixteen And Pregnant- Part One

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  On July 7, 1988, I found myself traveling across Phoenix, Arizona in an un-air-conditioned 67 Gallaxy with red leather seats sticking to the backs of my thighs.  Windows rolled down, pony tail flying in the wind, I looked out at the city rolling by…so far from Alaska, so far from home…and wondered how I’d […]

On The Kenai

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Ignore the cheesy grin…I’m much better behind the camera!                         I’ve spent the last two days at the mouth of the Kenai River dip netting Sockey (Red) Salmon from a boat.  It’s my version of “I’m broke so I gotta get food somewhere” and […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 7/17/11

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This week in my life I…. Watched my billionth Ninilchik sunset… Enjoyed Summer… Went to the Salty Dawg Saloon in Homer with friends… Was thankful this toothy guy was dead… Watched the tractor launch take up some boats… Smoked a bunch of salmon… Was glad I wasn’t THAT guy… Found some beach treasures…again… Told Sam […]

The Unfixable

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He was fifteen when he came to me.  And even on the first day I knew he couldn’t stay. I knew it wasn’t the right fit… he was broken beyond repair and a danger to the other children. I could see it in his eyes…he was ruined. I know that sounds callous…but it’s the reality. […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 7/3/11

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This week in my life I…watched Billy shock himself when he discovered he could do a standing back tuck… Started a new wood project… Accidentally created the lower 48 and Alaska… Served a new kinda customer in Destini’s coffee shop drive thru… Sold some fishies… Created a fishy assembly line…reminded me of my cannery days… […]