Just Another Scenic Sunday 08/21/11

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This Week In My Life I…. Watched the Kenai Peninsula Fair Racing Pigs in action… Had the most amazing food at the AKSupper Club in Ninilchik…(highly recommended) Seriously…phenomenal food. Chef Paul Warner…amazing… Made some new friends… Saw oysters for the first time in my sheltered life… Ate a raw oyster right from the shell…did I […]

Yardwork…Backwoods Style

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We took possession of our 40 acres off-grid this week and as is our style…dug right in.  With no time to waste before winter and Dan working half his life away from home, we have about four weeks of actual time on the land before we have to start to buckle down for winter. Our […]

Just Another Scenic Sunday 08/07/11

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This week in my life I….took only pictures of my new land we’re developing…so I thought I’d share some photos I took last year on the Homer Spit beach.  These guys let me get pretty close…Enjoy! 🙂

Sixteen And Pregnant – Part Two

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  Part One Here I lay on top of the pale green sheets on the eighth floor of John C. Lincoln Memorial Hospital and stared out at the night.  It was August of 1988 and the thunder raging outside the fourth floor window seemed a warning of things to come.  Bolts of fire lit up […]