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July 12, 2014

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I rarely take all my kids anywhere at the same time. Specifically since we came home from six months of road tripping, we all avoid the truck and scorn the idea of even the shortest ride. But this morning the girls had to be somewhere at nine and the boys at ten, so we woke early and scrambled about madly.

Late, as usual, I ran out the door at top speed, passing the boys who rather than load up as instructed, were playing with skateboards in the dirt.  (A good combination, tiny wheels and mud, but hey, you work with what you’ve got)

I ran from the cabin to my truck while pointing and yelling at my boys to turn off the loud generator. My boys…having never actually seen me run and unable to hear me…followed BEAR protocol and fled the scene in panic. That’ll teach me to run.

After prying the boys from the safety of the indoors and swearing there was no bear in sight, we made it into Ninilchik and I dropped the girls off to head to town where Robin was playing the FROZEN princess at the grocery store to promote the Kenai Peninsula Fair while Mya showed off goats and rabbits to do the same.  (Somehow at the end of the day we had gained two rabbits…)  My boys spent the day shoveling gravel into wheel barrels and pizza into their faces with the local teen center group.


You can say hello to this guy at the Ninilchik Farmers Market on Saturdays!



I WENT TO THE GYM for the third day in a row. I feel like that deserves all CAPS. Yes we have a lovely gym here in Ninilchik which I normally only hit in the winter months but to recap…six months sitting on my butt on a road trip. Ergo…the gym.  Then I stopped by the Farmers Market where I resisted hand-made cinnamon rolls in favor of Bok Choy. I don’t know what that was about….must have been still on a runners high. And then I went home.

I’m not normally good at kid free. I get creeped out when alone. But I had a date with my typewriter (laptop to those not trapped in the 80’s) and a low-blood-sugar-cranky going on so it was all good.


FLOYD hates all things.

I’m working on a book. Well, about twenty of them actually, but this particular one is a kind of “how-to” for foster/adopt/step parents that I’ve been planning for years. Today…drum roll please… I finished my outline.  That’s right, moving at lightning speed.After that I wrote some song lyrics, walked around my garden, petted Destini’s cat she left here for the summer (That Darn Cat), and before I knew it, it was time to pick up the kids.



YES THIS IS MY GARDEN! Let’s be clear…I have never had a garden that looked this good in my life.


This is the dogs wanting to eat the baby bunnies.

2 Responses to "July 12, 2014"
  1. cheryl b says:

    The dogs just want to PLAY with the bunnies….

  2. Lynn Falconer says:

    Love the Garden, it looks spectacular, do you compost kitchen scraps and weeds for the garden?

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