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And On The Seventh Day…

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Even God rested one day a week, or so I reminded Dan this morning as we made our list of “to-do” things during breakfast.

He’s home just two weeks at a time, then gone again for two or more.  So when he’s home, it seems we do a lot of running and make little progress.

This hitch home we decided just how much to add onto the cabin.  We started this dream with a cabin because it was supposed to be nothing more than a “flop house”, or dry place to hang out while we built the HOUSE.

And then we remembered we have no money to actually build the HOUSE, (duh) and so the cabin became our new home plan.  At just 20×26 with a half loft, it would have been an awfully tight squeeze for our family of nine. Minus two in the Fall when Destini and Billy leave for higher education…but do they ever really leave?

The original cabin is laid out completely open and we planned for kitchen, tiny living room, mini bathroom and a ladder to the loft. We were going to stick all the kids in the loft and pretend they were at summer camp, and then make ourselves an 8×10 bedroom, just big enough for our king sized bed…which I refuse to give up. Twenty years of marriage and cuddling loses it’s appeal in favor of leg room…I’m just saying. 😉

And then we remembered that we despise our kids after six minutes in the back seat of the truck so we figured we’d better come up with a plan that won’t lead to that last scene in “The Shining”.  The only clear answer was adding on. But how much?

We designed a plan that included expansion on all three sides. It was so cool. Then we did the math on lumber cost and remembered once again, we have no money.  So we scaled back to just going off the back side.  12 feet deep, 20 feet wide and we have a kids bunk room. Tada!

Here’s where we got clever…we designed the bunks in sets, two high, facing so that each set of kids will have some privacy. I’m not saying they won’t be able to hear each other think, but at least the girls will be able to dress without a little brother getting an education.

Anyway, point being, since we’ve been going non-stop on that project for two week straight and have gone from dirt to roof on the addition, today we took the whole day off. No cabin building. No chores. No muscle use of any kind short of what it took to breathe and eat. We had breakfast at Arctic Tracks restaurant here in Ninilchik…an excellent choice, btw, and I don’t even know the owner so I’m not just saying that. And then we dinked around the house making lists and plans for Dan’s next shift home.   We took a leisurely drive to the cabin this evening, enjoyed the view and found this lovely log you’ll see in a future post when I decide what to do with it….and then we did…nothing at all.

And it was good.

5 Responses to "And On The Seventh Day…"
  1. Friday_lowrey says:

    I was hoping you would figure out the need of a bit more space than you planned.  It will be so much better with even the smallest sense of their own space.  If you haven’t actually walled in the studs on the inside you can use the space between them for shelving and storage.  It’s not deep but it works great for trinkets and must haves.  You could put one or two in each bunk space and the kids would have a place for glasses, drink, a mini light, or what ever.  

  2. Teresa says:

    Can you post a picture or drawing of what you’re planning for the bunk beds? It sounds cool but I’m having trouble visualizing it.

  3. Chelsie says:

    Glad to hear you all are having a being day. We all need those especially when we’ve been pushing through for several days w/o much rest. Beside the fact that you earned it for sure! Look at all that progress!! Wow!!

  4. I really like being able to smell the trees from your pictures. What an amzing journey. I wish you the best of both luck and adventure,, with only a few minor opprotunities(the same word the chinese use for catastrophy) to sweeten the experience.   I don’t know if the bark wood stay on, but that looks like the amazing coat rack for a warm corner where they can dry out.

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