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Anthony…on Puberty

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Because we live in the sticks a trip anywhere takes a while.  Most people like to crank up the radio and sing or roll down the windows and listen to the wind.  Anything to drown out the kids.  I like to stick all three small boys in the seat behind me and then be very quiet…I learn so much.

(Anthony, 10 and Luke, 9)

Anthony: “I need to eat more. I’m going to go through puberty in two years.”

Luke: “What’s puberty?”

Anthony: “It’s where you grow taller. Girls have puberty first. That’s why you are the shortest kid in class.”

Luke: “I’m going to do that today then.”

Anthony:  “You can’t just choose when you go through puberty…you’ll learn about it in sex ed.”

Luke: “WHAT?”

Anthony: “Boys do it in fifth grade and girls do it in fourth, ’cause they are taller. You learn about growing and about sex.”

Luke: “Eeewwwweeee….”

Anthony: “Never mind, I’m not going to even talk to you about it….you’re not ready.”

(why doesn’t this kid have his OWN blog?  He kinda steals the limelight…) haha

One Response to "Anthony…on Puberty"
  1. Marla says:

    Mwahahaha!!  Love it!

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