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Anthony The Artist

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By popular demand…Anthony, age eleven, has finally completed five sketches he would be willing to sell.  In print form, of course.  And I quote:

“Once they start selling really well, we can raise the price in tiny increments until I am making a lot of money.  Then I will split the income up. I’ll give part to you, part of it will buy new implements, and part of it will go to savings.  And then, we can auction off the originals…because they will be worth more.”


Anthony is currently working on a “Guitar” collection…



17 Responses to "Anthony The Artist"
  1. Manicich says:

    Love to the little artist!  He  shows real talent!

  2. Lara Rogers-Mcginnis says:

    p.s. he should exhibit them all at the fair this year… 🙂

  3. Lara Rogers-Mcginnis says:

    I’ll bid $5 for picture #4 I love it. 

  4. I love the feminine feeling of the 2nd tree from the top, but I like all of them, and yes, please sign them !

  5. Rivers3lady says:

    Truely an amazing and talented child you are raising.

  6. Tmhaire says:

    sounds like you are raising a very smart little boy!

  7. Kkoschke says:

    Anthony you need to sign your art.  It’s worth more that way.

  8. JessicaC says:

    He’s adorable! My 7 year old daughter is really into art and takes classes.  I took her to a small local gallery and she couldn’t believe that people would PAY for art!  She – like Anthony – had an epiphany – why shouldn’t she sell her art! Love it!  She has since forgotten – but I am sure it will re-surface. 🙂  Good luck Anthony!

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