The Backwoods

Where we teeter between our love of modern convenience and the yearning for something long past; a world where neighbors knew your name and a “Friend Request” was eye contact and a smile.

Anthony The Entrepeneur

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Anthony made a necklace out of rocks he found outside and then scraped on the concrete into the shapes of arrowheads. Here’s the conversation that ensued…

Anthony: “I’m making authentic arrowhead necklaces to sell.  They are ten dollars, but with this coupon, they are only seven. I can do the math on any percentage.

Me: “Can I have this one?”

Anthony: “No, this is a prototype.  I have a matching bracelet downstairs. Also a prototype.”

Me: “So, who are you going to sell them to?”

Anthony: “That’s why I made these business cards. I have friends who have phones.”

Me: “So I get the same discount as anyone else?”

Anthony: “No. I made a sheet of coupons. They have perforated edges.  For you…forty percent.  That’s six dollars…I told you I could do the math.  But for that…you get the prototype.”

(Apparently the status of MOM doesn’t hold much weight in the business world…maybe he needs his own Etsy account!)


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