Aurora Borealis-Ninilchik, Alaska-March 8, 2012

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Thanks to the sun doing some fancy stuff this week, we in the north have been getting quite a show.  So it didn’t let a little thing like deflated lungs stop me…I sucked down my Albuterol, chugged Nyquil and headed out.























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8 Responses to "Aurora Borealis-Ninilchik, Alaska-March 8, 2012"
  1. Pat says:


  2. Agiftofspeech says:

    So beautiful! I was lucky to spend three years on Whidbey Islan, WA. Now I am back in Texas. How I miss the mountains, the trees, the stars, the smells….. Needed the reminder today about the beauty of our home!

  3. wow, so beautiful, and sorry you are sick !!  I understand asthma too well !

  4. Nanamargy1 says:

    Wow, I really DID miss something,eh? Beautiful pictures, Keri. Thanks for putting them up!

  5. Eaglet says:

    So good TY Backwoods Mom!!!

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