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Backwoods Mom Turns One!

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Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Backwoods Mom.

It was just over two years ago when a friend of mine said, “Hey, you should start a blog!”  And I said, “A blog?  What’s that?” And it took me  a while to get going, as I stumbled the path of ignorance, bouncing quickly from “What’s a blog?” to writing my own simple html codes and rubbing elbows with some of the bigger names in the business.

And so it began, this spiral down the rabbit hole.

I’m not much of a blogger.  I don’t write every day, or even every week.  I don’t do well with controversy or think of things to say just for the sake of blogging.  I have a hard time keeping up on comments, and though I read every single one on my phone, I rarely find the time to squeeze in a response (for that, I apologize).  I don’t run contests or giveaways, nor do I do product promotions or book reviews (though I’ve signed up for two for fun), I don’t seek out other blogs to gain readers, comment just to get my name out there, or attempt in any way to gain “likes” on my fan page.  Because really…I have a houseful of special needs kids…and I just don’t have the time.

Truth be told…I barely read anything on the internet unless it scrolls across my Facebook page on my phone while stopped in traffic or waiting to pick up a kid from sports… and I can’t imagine where people find the time to read what I write…when I barely have time to write it myself.

If I write, it’s because I have something to say and a spare moment to say it. I will never, ever, ever, write just to get readers. I will never write something just to stir up the pot and I absolutely refuse to write something just because I’m a “blogger” and I’m supposed to post. I’ll never write to fulfill a quota given by myself or someone else. I’ll never bore you with day to day drivel just to fill space on an empty page or because I’ve not written in a while.

Because really, a “blogger” is the least of whom I am and the moment being a blogger gets in the way of my life, my children, my marriage or my “reality”, that is the moment I am done.

That said…

I love to write.  I love sharing Alaska, my children, my life with people across the globe.    I love that people read my words, find something to take from them, and sometimes share them with others.  I love making connections all over the world and I love when I make a difference.  I love when someone tells me their story, or asks my advice.  I love when someone says they look forward to my blogs or my Facebook updates.  And I’ll not lie…I love the recognition.  Honestly…as long as I’m sounding vain…I love when I’m walking in a store, out in public, or even floating down the river when someone says, ‘HEY!  Aren’t you Backwoods Mom?!!!”  Yes, I get a little rush from that one…a brief taste of fame.  It’s fun.  It’s ego boosting.  And I’ll try not to forget you all on my way up. 😉

I’m on-the-edge-of-my-seat excited about the next year of my life, and of my Backwoods Mom blog.  I can’t wait to move my family of nine off the power grid, into the cabin we started building last year, continue to homeschool six of the kids, learn more about the homesteading culture and write about it all along the way.  I’ll try to share with you the funny, the scary, and the sad that goes along with raising children not of my womb, who come as a package deal with baggage of their past strapped firmly to their psyches.  And I’ll do my best to keep up with Anthony Says quotes so we can all keep our senses of  humor through the trials the next year may offer.

This past month my blog posts have been few, but as the snow melts, our cabin project continues, the sun stays out all night and my life gets a little less hum-drum, I promise I’ll write more often, be more exciting and hopefully keep up this ‘blogging’ thing as long I can find something useful, entertaining, or even just bizarre enough to put into words.

15 Responses to "Backwoods Mom Turns One!"
  1. Pat says:

    Keri – you will never run out of stories, pictures or whatever with all those children and building a cabin to boot!!  I can’t wait for the next year of blogs from you; rather it be 5 or 20 – love them all. 

  2. DeAnna Holly says:

    I eagerly look forward to reading your blogs. My teenage son calls me a stalker because of how frequently I talk about and share your blogs. I kindly explained to him that if you put it out there you want it read. 😀 I can’t help that your writings are so great and that I relate to them so much! Each time I see a new one posted I get a thrill of excitement because I know that I am in for a treat. Your openess and honesty are endearing. You, wonderful lady, are a blessing to me! Your writings make my laugh, cry and bubble with joy. You inspire me to be a better parent, a more easy going person and a better fisher woman 😉 Hope to see you on the river again this year! (Sooner than that I hope.)

  3. DeeGee1010 says:

    Backwoods Mom, I love your posts and look forward to them! I stumbled onto your blog recently when a friend posted up your “Letter to my Teenage self” on Facebook. I am in a similiar situation to you –  with 2 (apparently) special needs labelled adopted girls and we are just thinking and seriously talking right now about  starting the wheels turning and adopting a boy next. Our friends think we are nuts and just do not understand. They are skeptically asking if I think this is my “calling” or something. Hell no, we just went from wanting to be parents, to enjoying it so much that 2 kids seemed like a dream, and now that we have the two, we know we can totally handle more. Everyone should adopt a kid! Why should there be any children out there looking for love, a home, a family when we have all of that and more to give? I just hope that I can draw the line at three! No offense! LOL. How on earth did you deal with the nay-sayers in your world when you started to grow your numbers?

  4. Rivers3lady says:

    You have touched my heart in a way I can not even describe.   For that I thank you.  I hope you continue to find time to keep us updated on the adventures you and your family.
    Looking forward to the coming year. 

  5. Heidi says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading about your off-grid adventure. I’d love to do something similar but I’m stuck in Ca for now, blah.

  6. Karen Loe says:

    I hope you have some time!
     I am tagging you on a fun blog activity.  Why?  Because your blog is one of my faves!

  7. Lks says:

    Wow, has it been a year, and really…it has only been a year?  It seems you have been doing this for a lot longer!  Love you, love the blog, love the photos!  Keep up the good work, but I am always glad that your life comes first, and that is so present in all you write!  Time for a walk on the beach soon!

  8. Kdandcj says:

    I really enjoy reading your blogs.  I love it because it is so completely opposite of my life and where my family is at.  I love to see the other side and envy your family for the amazing experiences you have.  Keep writing whenever you can, we will be here waiting.

  9. Kate says:

    Since my life consists of a bunch of special needs people here in Wisconsin, I look forward to your posts.  Then I don’t think I am THAT crazy! Your humor is so funny because there is truth in every word. Hope you don’t get too busy to write.

  10. Jennifer says:

    If you get the chance, I would love fiction friday to come back.

  11. AJ says:

    I’ve been so inspired by you. A friend referred me to your blog when my husband and I were considering becoming foster parents, specifically for teenagers, since there’s a huge need in our area. And while we ultimately decided we’re not the right decision for our family *at the moment*, your blog has soothed a lot of my worries, so I feel more confident reevaluating in a few months or so. I hope the foster care training required by our locality gives us an ounce of the special needs problem solving you possess.

    Also, while I find myself missing your insight when you don’t post for a while, when you do post, it’s always gold. I love that your content isn’t diluted with “just ’cause” filler.

  12. Jill says:

    I also agree 100% with Jenny.  I love to read your posts – on FB and here (yes, I follow both.)  And I LOVE the Anthony quotes!  They make my day sometimes.  🙂  I love to read about Alaska, homesteading, trials and tribulations of raising high needs kids, and all of that – but what I like the most is that you are real.  You make mistakes just like the rest of us.  You get frustrated just like the rest of us.  You aren’t trying to entertain us but you do, you make us laugh, cry, nod our heads in agreement – you do this blog thing well my friend – I’m looking forward to the next year… and the next, and the next……

  13. Kimsspot says:

    I 100% agree with what Jenny M. said….I read for what you do not for what you don’t do. You are changing the world with your blog posts and I am always checking to see if you have a new entry. You are truly an inspiration to me!

  14. Jenny macballard says:

    I can only speak for myself…but all the thing you DON’T do, don’t bother me at all. 
    It’s what you DO that I love. 
    You entertain and amuse me…you make me laugh and sometimes you make me cry. You remind me to be grateful for the life I have, and for my family. You  remind me that I’m not perfect, that I shouldn’t try to be, and that  there are others as crazy and just ‘working it out’ just like me. You inspire me to be a better person, a better Mum, and to forgive myself for the mistakes I may have made. 
      In short, you touch my heart. 
    Keep up the sharing your thoughts, life, home and family,  and I will keep  reading and thinking.  Thanks. 

    • Jessica Corcoran says:

      I couldn’t have said it better Jenny!  You are amazing Keri and anyone that has any issues with your “don’t” list – just doesn’t get it.  I am SO excited to be a part of followers and SO excited to follow your blog into this next year! 🙂

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