Boys In The Backwoods…

I don’t remember being covered in bruises, blood and broken skin on a daily basis as a child…perhaps that is the key difference between little girls and little boys.  Then again, the way I used to roll my 3-wheeler down every dirt hill within miles, it’s rather surprising I made it through my eleventh year at all.

My three youngest boys go, go, go nonstop all day long and well into the night.  How we avoid the ER, I have no idea.  ( I probably shouldn’t tempt fate by saying that…)

Here’s a video I took last night on my cell of their home made ‘skate park’. Take note of the two pieces of upturned firewood holding the ramp in place.  Classy. Anthony, the master engineer, designed and constructed the masterpiece. Then again, he also designed and built the bike jump that left Steven’s face looking as it does above….so….


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9 Replies to “Boys In The Backwoods…”

  1. Maybe most little girls don’t play that way, but I sure did (still do!) and so does my daughter. Out here in the great Wisconsin countryside, it’s just a given that all kids will require a visit to the ER at some point – some sooner & more often than others. It’s good for ’em – creative problem solving, plenty of exercise, team building skills, and they aren’t sitting inside vegging out in front of the tv. It’s a Win in my book!

  2. LOL.Sweetie I grew up in Dallas in the ’60’s. We had skateboards, bicycles and asphalt. I’d probably be 10 feet tall and 5 feet wide if I had all the skin I left on the street back then. And we also played football in the street. So boys will be boys, no matter where. Go find some mercurorchrome or merthiolate. I’m still convinced it has no redeeming medicinal properties, but is instead used by parents for punishment for getting hurt.

  3. My nickname at home is Paranoid Pam. And I have girls. Bless you for letting them do this. (Meanwhile, I will be saying some prayers for their continued safety!)
    (The 10 year old girl in me says this looks like fun, however!)

  4. Love it! These guys are NOT gonna get fat. Strong bones don’t break easily, and if they do, they’ll heal (just like mine did in 4th grade). =)

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