The Backwoods

Where we teeter between our love of modern convenience and the yearning for something long past; a world where neighbors knew your name and a “Friend Request” was eye contact and a smile.


A Home In The Mountains

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  We came to this land in June of this year, in the midst of a heatwave. We thought we could make a home from the dust but we left after less than two weeks, frustrated. Our plans foiled.  Maybe it wasn’t time yet. Maybe we wimped out. And so we left. For two months […]


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

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We crested the hill just before our driveway in the backwoods of Alaska after six months traveling in the lower 48 and my girls jumped from the truck nearly before we could come to a stop. “Let us out to run,” they said, these teenage girls we’d dragged to the big city to see another […]


My Kids Aren’t Learning Anything

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“Mom, I need some more language arts worksheets printed,” said my nearly 15 year old this morning, who needs her world aligned at all times or she gets frantic. Order, structure, neatly stapled packets are a dream come true and the chance to organize canned foods makes her heart go pitter-patter. “We’re not doing any […]

Sand Dollar

Where We Are

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I’m sitting on a barstool on an island, sipping a non-fat vanilla latte, casually, as if I’ve done this before.  And I don’t wanna go home. Upon arrival on the coastal islands of Texas (who knew Texas had islands?) I knew I would love this place. Long beaches, scarcely used in winter months; shells different than […]


Must Be Nice To Vacation All The Time…

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I’ve been asked the same question many times these past months as we travel. “How are you affording to do this? Must be nice to vacation all the time…” There is no secret. We’ve not a pot-o-gold buried on our back forty and we’ve no inheritance paving our way across the western U.S. The fact […]

Beezy In Hotel

On The Road From Concan

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This morning the kids and I planned to wake early and leave our little cabin up the Frio River here in Texas. Yesterday we packed the pop-up, cleaned up the cabin completely, and left out only our duffle bags and breakfast food. Upon waking, I encountered a site that the family, as a whole, has […]


Y’All Come Back Now, Y’Hear?

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 “Whaaaat the blaaaazes are Y’ALL doing in Teeeexas?” I keep hearing over and over. Well, they don’t say it like that exactly, but my ears have been Texasized now so that’s how I hear it. Plus, I really like to use my new accent, even if it is just in type. Okay, here’s how it […]


Life On A Boat

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Last night some random stranger invited my niece Amy and I on an evening boat ride around the Ventura, California Harbor. Sure, complete stranger on a dark and secluded dock, I’ll get in your boat and float away to who knows where…that seems smart. And so I climbed aboard. (Hey, he was wealthy, attractive and […]


Just Another Scenic Sunday 12-15-2013

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This week we traveled over to Reno, spent two nights at Circus Circus in their mid-week absurdly cheap rooms, then we headed down the 395, eager to get out of the city. We camped two nights and spent three days between Reno and Mohave, landing tonight in a hotel because seriously….we were filthy and tired. […]

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Remembering The Backwoods

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Ever since we left Alaska to winter in California a couple weeks ago I’ve been getting message after message…                 “What about the cabin? Are you going back??? The cabin. My nemesis. My love.  It strikes me I’ve not written the details of how our place works and maybe I’m a tad homesick. So here […]


California Adventure Week Two

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Yesterday Luke saw two black widows and a lizard…he has had enough of California and is ready to go home now.  Actually, he thought the lizard was a scorpion…time for Alaska boy to get a desert education. Grandma’s house has been great. She lives in a guarded gate community which is nice because the kids […]


Bison Of British Columbia

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I’ve actually got nothing funny to say about today…which is good news since that means nothing bad happened. Good for us, bad for entertainment value. It’s late, we drove about 13 hours today through windy, mountainous, freezing, roads and we’re tired. We drove, we ate, we watched me cower behind the truck while a buffalo […]


South of the Border (Canadian That Is…)

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We bedded down last night in Tok, Alaska in a highway frontage hotel.  If I have learned anything on this trip so far it’s that there is no need for an alarm clock with five kids, three dogs, and two cats who are all used to the silence of the backwoods. Nobody sleeps through hotel […]


South From Alaska

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I was born a nomad.  In my forty-two years I have lived in 18 different homes in four different states and yet I feel like I’ve been stationary my whole life. My feet get the urge to wander and my family knows it’s time when I start thinning my belongings to a manageable heap. So […]