The Backwoods

Where we teeter between our love of modern convenience and the yearning for something long past; a world where neighbors knew your name and a “Friend Request” was eye contact and a smile.


My Kids Aren’t Learning Anything

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“Mom, I need some more language arts worksheets printed,” said my nearly 15 year old this morning, who needs her world aligned at all times or she gets frantic. Order, structure, neatly stapled packets are a dream come true and the chance to organize canned foods makes her heart go pitter-patter. “We’re not doing any […]

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Rookie Home Schooler Here

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I caught myself yesterday in a newbie home schooler mistake, trying to replicate the very system from which I removed my kids last winter.  It’s an easy trap to fall into, the “re-create the classroom at home” theory that I had when this all began. A classroom works perfectly well, for some kids.  And I […]


Thinking Outside The School Box

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After eighteen years of thinking of my children’s education in what turns out to be a totally backwards way…I’m finally figuring it out.  And boy, do I feel like I stepped off the bus three stops too late. It’s not a homeschool versus public school debate, but rather a style of learning debate that goes […]


Home School…Day One

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Day one of home schooling six kids brought with it a fair amount of anxiety as I plunged into the unknown with all the doe eyed innocence and organizational skills of a preschooler.  I’d been down a similar road before when I took on Anthony for nine weeks of his second grade year so we […]


My WHY of Home School

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As my family announces its intention to home school six of our kids starting in January, we’ve received many responses similar to, “WHAT THE CRAP!?  ARE YOU CRAZY?!  And while the answer to that question is a resounding, “YES”, there are other reasons behind our decision to home school our kids besides the crazy factor. […]