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Deck On The Verge

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This year, because of homeschool, we moved our couch in front of our sliding glass door to the deck, and thus…it’s been abandoned until Spring.  Unkempt and ignored…it’s built up…and up…and up!  I’m a bit worried about the storage room that lies underneath…but at least that will make for good photos when it collapses.


When the snow that has fallen...meets up with the snow that is still on the's time to worry.

23 Responses to "Deck On The Verge"
  1. Friday says:

    how have you kept them from sliding off the roof to the deck to the ground??? it would be first on my mind at age ten!!  ok.. my mom almost killed me when she found out.  but it was fun trying.

  2. Heather F. says:

    Send some to Ohio! My two year old twins are in love with snow, have their little snowsuits ready, and we have barely gotten an inch this year. Normally we have had at least a foot by now!

  3. Kristy K. James says:

    Awesome!  I’m so jealous.  Well, maybe we don’t need THAT much snow in Michigan, but you could ship half of it here and I’d be happy.  🙂

  4. Jmayfield40 says:

    You should get the kids to do some Frosting. Like planking only cooler.

  5. designrk says:

    Don’t you have heaters on the roof? We did in Minneapolis. Clears the roof in no time!

  6. Cheryl B says:

    I would suggest getting that deck cleared off by a few feet of snow – wow – it all depends on how it is constructed, the deck & the snow!  Tore the deck off my dad’s house in Fairbanks with 6 feet of accumulated.   It would not have been so bad if the deck had just collapsed, but it knocked the sliding door out of the wall.  Made for a drafty week in Fairbanks until we could get that fixed.

  7. Anita says:

    oh, what I wouldn’t give for some snow! we get +weather for a few days then -weather and it’s just, well yucky!

  8. Rivers3lady says:

    Goodness… That is a lot of snow.  Hoping all holds up til the warmer weather thaws you all out!!

  9. oops–that’s my ROOF, not my ROOM!!!!  lol!

  10. My roof and deck look a lot like this!  I am wondering if I need to get a snow rake out and start, or just leave it and hope for the best–Rotten cold and flu keeping me from most outdoor activity right now.  A shovel and a couple of kids having a snow fight might be a fun way to clear that deck so it doesn’t collapse…maybe?

  11. rustysmommy says:

     Holy Cow!! Takes a stronger woman than I… Hope spring comes slowly so you don’t get flooded out!!

  12. Sarah Murtha says:

    I couldn’t do it. We just got 2.5 feet and that’s too much for me.

  13. Nancy says:


  14. Gmoorejd says:

    Are your kids wearing bathing suits in these pics?  They know it’s really too cold to go swimming, right?  Love it!

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