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For The Birds

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This time of year in Ninilchik, Alaska, the fishing season is revving up for the summer.  The halibut and king salmon charters are beginning to take out clients to try for a big one.  The commercial salmon fisheries are readying their boats.  Just today my son, Billy, helped put his bosses boat in the water and ready it for the season.  The setnet fishermen are mending their nets and subsistence families are preparing for the harvest.

Along with the fish…come the birds.  I spent some time this week crouching in the sand, trying to blend in with a swarm of about 200 eagles that had descended on a pile of halibut guts one of the charter boats had dumped in the surf.  If you move slowly, and aren’t afraid to potentially having your eyes poked out, you can get quite close. (I’d mail any one of these prints,8×10 matted, for $20)

I had to put this one in….ha
I was about four feet from this guy…he just posed for about 100 pics. Awesome.

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