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I Am Mom…Do I Work?

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Last year my daughter was assigned to interview a person about their job for school.  She asked, “Can I interview my mom?”

“Does she work?” asked the teacher.

Hmmmm…do I work…

For the better part of my adult life I’ve been at home with my kids.  I don’t have a ‘job’.  I don’t get a paycheck.  I don’t get fifteen minute breaks, paid vacation or accrue overtime.

I am the cleaner-upper when a kid vomits all over her waste length hair at two a.m

I am a crawl inside the tub of icy water, hold the baby close because she’s burning up with fever…and know her screams are caused by my own hands…mom.  That’s MY JOB.

I am the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa.  I am a stealth wrapper, stuffer, hider and under-pillow-slider, moving through the house like a silent breeze, leaving behind magic, wonder, faith and awe.

I am a calendar.  I remember clarinets, swimsuits, science projects, lunches, homework, gym clothes, snow pants, boots and backpacks all in the ten seconds before walking out the door.

I am a detective.  I know who brushed their teeth and who only ran the water.  I know which one didn’t put on clean underwear.  I know if that quarter belongs to that child.  I know what pot smells like…and what ‘high’ acts like.

I am a lie detector.

I am a cookie maker, car-pooler, laundry-doer, rash-investigator, plate-scraper, booboo kisser, homework checker.

I am the bench-sitters biggest fan…at every…single…game.  I’m the picture-taker, the memory-maker, the Facebook photo poster…so the moms who have to work…who pout and stomp their feet and still have to miss the game…can get a glimpse at their child’s best moment ever…and know I was there to love in their place.

I am an advocate for special needs education.  I am a lazy teacher’s worst nightmare.  I am a good teacher’s biggest defender.

I am hope for the ‘over-coming’ one.  I am a fixer of broken children.

I am a bedtime reader, snack-giver, milk pourer, ear cleaner.  I’m a knock-knock joke ‘who’s there-er’, a home-made necklace wearer, and an “I-made-this-for-you” collector.

I am the one who is often jealous of those women who have a “job” or a “life” outside of their kids.  I envy their self-worth, their active brain cells, and their non-sweats-wardrobe.  I’m glad they can do it all.  I’m happy if they’ve found a balance…and I’m sad if they haven’t.

But I am also a thankful, husband-loving, kid-raising stay-at-home mom…grateful every single day that I was given the opportunity to CHOOSE this life.

I am a mom.

Do I work?  Hell yes, I do.

29 Responses to "I Am Mom…Do I Work?"
  1. Sarah E. says:

    This one literally brought me to tears! Amen and thank you!!!

  2. Shellgal says:


  3. C Ary says:

    “I am the bench-sitters biggest fan…at every…single…game.  I’m the picture-taker, the memory-maker, the Facebook photo poster…so the moms who have to work…who pout and stomp their feet and still have to miss the game…can get a glimpse at their child’s best moment ever…and know I was there to love in their place.”  This is soooo true and I am one of those moms that gets to collect photos and CDs of game highlights made by moms like you who are there 🙂  Thanks!!!  Because I cannot always be there…

  4. Ahomeschoolstory says:

    Woo-hoo! Great post and you deserve the mom-of-the-whole-dang-year award. You bet we work!

    Angela, mother of five and lucky possessor of a one-day-a-week gig when I get to talk to adults and wear clothes without stains and shoes with heels.

  5. Sue Holmes says:

    I am all of those things as well…even with a full-time outside of the home job. I drop every night when my head hits the pillow but I’m up at 6 the next morning to do it all over again. There are all types of supermoms! Thanks for the post to remind us all of everything we are and do on a daily basis!

  6. Patriziaf says:

    I don’t know why but I hasd missed this….catched up today. Wonderful!

  7. Anita says:

    You are an inspiration to me – I love reading your blog!
    if you want to put a $ amount on what we as moms do ~ you might this article interesting

  8. Friday says:

    I am the costume maker, reality checker, willing to take my daugher to the psch hospital and walk out without because i lover her Mom

    I am let you fail and still be there wiout saying “I told you so”, what will you do next Mom.

    I am the lock myself away in the psch hospita forr as long as it takes to keep you safe and let you be angry at me Mom

  9. Wosm1 says:

    Great post. 

  10. Elizabeth Seckman says:

    Damn straight! And thanks for saying it so well.

  11. Nickole says:

    i love you!!! you are just awesome!!!

  12. ruth williamson says:

    …i am  “have the baby over the toilet when no on hears your screams, but it’s OK because I am WOMAN and can care for my baby anyway” ; afterall, the other three are in the backyard playing…I am Mom.

  13. feedburner says:

    Thank you for being real about being a stay at home mom, but not making it sound like a negative. Thank you for not being judgement and instead lifting us all up whether we work outside the home, inside the home, or both. Thank you for seeing the blessings of being a mom and sharing them in such a beautiful way. I appreciate this post more than you know. 

  14. Beautifulwun440 says:
    I literally JUST read this article and thought of you! Here is what you are worth as a home maker! 🙂

  15. I’m not a mom at all but this post makes me appreciate my mom who stayed home with me and my siblings even more!! And now that the roles are reversed for us (well most), I don’t see how she did it all! 

  16. Allisonjanz says:

    So awesome and so true 🙂 thank you!

  17. Wendy says:

    So true and so thankful for your words!

  18. Deonbucher says:


  19. Jen says:

    Amen! You said it beautifully!!

  20. Shilyn says:

    I don’t know if I make the mark all the time, but I try…I have 10, 8 at home, homeschool, work part time from home, except once a week, pay the bills, do the shopping, take care of sickies…but my home isn’t the neatest and I do have to depend on my oldest ones more than I care to sometimes.  I don’t cook too often anymore, since I’ve trained them all and I only do my, my hubby’s and my two littlest laundry, since I also trained them to do their own laundry…but I never seem to catch up anyway.  Congrats on your wonderful family and your attitude… I love reading your blog, I sympathize, giggle and get ideas…THANK YOU!

  21. Loisgroat says:

    Boy, you are really on a roll here with saying what I don’t have the ability to articulate. Thank you once again.

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