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I Can Not Tell A Lie…

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I came across this “letter of apology” today. I have dozens of them from Anthony over the past four years.  Whenever he is sent to his room to reflect on his behavior….which is a LOT…he likes to write a note or draw a picture about what happened.  On this day, I’m guessing he was busted for lying.  He was 8 years old.  (translated below)

Lying is bad!


Lying is where you do not tell the true.  Everybody lies sometimes.  A lie is also called a fib.  Some people lie all the time.  Some people lie only on occasion.  Some people lie to get out of trouble. Some lie to impress their friends.  I lie to do both those things. Lying is also a sin.  When you are lying, God knows you are and he gets sad.  It is like dumping sins on God and I bet he does not like that.  I bet he likes it when you tell the truth about things you have done.  From now on I will tell the truth only.  It is easy to lie but it is also wrong, you should always tell the truth.  I lie to get out of trouble the most and every time I do I feel downright guilty.  I feel sorry for everybody I lied to and they are probably sad that they were lied to.  I do not try to so hard to stop lying.  From now on I will put in a lot of effort to stop lying.  I will tell the truth and take responsibility for my actions and also take the consequences like a man if I do lie.  If Jesus heard you lying he would try to help you make sure you know that what you are doing is wrong and that God does not want you to lie.  I advise everybody to try and stop lying so everybody does not sin anymore.  I do not want to lie anymore it will not be a habit anymore. I will be faithful to God.



17 Responses to "I Can Not Tell A Lie…"
  1. Spunti97 says:

    The truth will melt a heart sooner than a lie.  Good man Anthony.  

  2. Sounds as if he has a better grasp on the subject than most adults I know.

  3. momofacowgirl says:

    Wow, I need to share this one with my daughter. I love the honesty in his apology. 

  4. Spainbobby009 says:

    sounds like a pretty smart kid whose trying to develope a sense of integrety to me. i think theres a real good chance that you are raising a fine young man.

  5. Sarah W. says:

    I think I need to read this to my 6 year old! My words aren’t getting through to him very well (with the exception of his fascination and emotional reaction to The Boy Who Cried Wolf). Maybe this 8 yo perspective will work! :

  6. Jenny maclean ballard says:

    Aww..that’s sweet …….or he could be practicing for when he’s the President LOL. Seriously he’s a deep thinker. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    8 yrs old????? Wow I couldn’t get my 11 year old to write that much if I bribed him. He’s a smart little cookie!!!

  8. What an amazing kid! HUGS!

  9.  That is one smart and eloquent kid. He explained lies and consequences of them very well and simply. That was a great letter to share. He understands and ponders things very deeply. A very brilliant mind. Who knows what amazing things will come from such a thinker.

  10. Nan Hartup says:

    Dang! That boy is beautiful.

  11. Terri says:

    He is amazing!  Apologies are something we are working on in this house.  They are hard to come by.

  12. Kkoschke says:


  13. April Collins says:

    What a kid!!!! He is amazing. 

  14. Wow….very poignant for an 8 yr old boy…..

  15. Shannon Johl says:

    haha I can totally relate, I get these kindsa notes alot to! good thing is that i usually get them when she has done something that she hasn’t been caught for and wants to get it off her chest to relieve her guilt lol

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