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Just Another Scenic Sunday 10/02/11

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This Week In My Life I…

Made friends with an owl...


Made friends with four moose at once...

Looked for, and did not find, a pot of gold...

Played in the rain...

Was in the right place at the right time...

And was stared down...

11 Responses to "Just Another Scenic Sunday 10/02/11"
  1. Larissa says:

    That eagle shot made tears spring to my eyes!!! WOW! I had a similar amazing experience recently when I was travelling in Mozambique. I topped a hill just in time to see a fish eagle swoop down and snatch a fish out of Massingir Dam, giving that VERY distinctive fish eagle cry in the process. I was not fortunate enough to catch it on film but the feeling was very similar to the one I just had looking at your photograph 🙂

  2. Sally says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I live on Vancouver Island and we don’t have moose but we do have Roosevelt elk and bears. I need to get quicker with my camera. We had a Mama bear and three cubs at our elementary school this morning but I wasn’t quick enough to snap a picture. i love your blog and think you are fantastic. So many times you write exactly how I feel. I think you are awesome!!

    • Thanks, Sally! We had a bear at our school recently too and I missed seeing it. Last Friday Steven and Anthony saw a couple black bears while on a field trip. Very cool for them. Also, my camera never leaves my side…thats how I get the good ones.

  3. Valerie Pienaar Landon says:

    The reason you didn’t find the pot of gold is that you’re living in it.

  4. Aknoef says:

    You should build a Backwoods Mom B&B complete with nature tours and get rich off of all your readers who’d love to see this in person! 🙂

  5. Greg says:

    You’re so blessed to see and appreciate the natural beauty around you!

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