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Just Another Scenic Sunday 4-21-13

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Eagle hovering over dead fish in Ninilchik, Alaska


Take off


The eagle has landed


This moose has just about demolished my rose bushes


Steven found the invertebrate plate of a whale on the beach tonight. It’s the size of a dinner plate.


Beach Boys…


Seagulls in Ninilchik, Alaska


Steven on the beach in Ninilchik, Alaska


Homer, Alaska sunset


Homer, Alaska sunset


Homer, Alaska


Looks edible…no?


Anthony proving that yes, white men can jump…


5 Responses to "Just Another Scenic Sunday 4-21-13"
  1. Grammar police says:

    It should be “vertebrae plate” not “invertebrate plate.” Last time I checked, whales have backbones… just saying

  2. Suzanne Blakeman says:

    I can almost breathe in the cold, clean air from that last Homer, AK picture!

  3. Shirley Filer says:

    I am wowed…again by your gorgeous Alaska story in pictures. Thanks!

  4. Lynn Falconer says:

    Darn I meant to say, what do you feed Anthony? I really need to get some so I can increase my get up and go.

  5. Lynn Falconer says:

    So glad to see that Scenic Sunday is totally living up to it’s name, and now is the right time for the Roses to be pruned isn’t it?

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