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Just Another Scenic Sunday 4/15/12

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Billy, Andrea, Matt, Destini at Ninilchik Prom

Destini with her friend/date Matt

Billy with his friend/date Andrea

Just when I thought he looked so mature in his suit...

Ninilchik Prom is held at a local fishing lodge...only in Alaska would prom photos include a bear skin...

Themed "Candy Land"...a local artist created the cake for Prom 2012









7 Responses to "Just Another Scenic Sunday 4/15/12"
  1. Kim T. says:

    It is so refreshing to see girls with modesty! Too often prom dresses double a dental floss.

  2. Cait says:

    Bwahahahaha, bear skin MAKES the picture.  My prom was so bland and generic, I would have loved a story like that. 😀

  3. Samantha says:

    Your kids and their friends/dates look so nice. The picture of Billy reminded me of the goofy boys I went to high school with in their tuxes at prom. 🙂

  4. Rivers3lady says:

    Hoping they had a wonderful time.  Pics are awesome…. 

  5. Chelsie says:

    The kids looks so great! Love the matching neck ties & dress colors 🙂
    And the prom theme is so fun! Yum!  Hope they had a fantastic time!

  6. missdsday says:

    My first prom was in Anchorage…Junior Prom.  We ate at a nice restaurant, Simon and seaforts I think, took a limo with our group but I don’t recall snow.  Probably break-up though:)

  7. Sjfiler says:

    Good looking kids.  Looks weird to see snow at prom time.  My son’s prom many moons ago was horrible, rainy flooding weather.  The street where they were was flooding, and I had to get him early.  He wasn’t too thrilled with that.

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