Just Another Scenic Sunday 5/1/11

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This week in pictures…all taken in the past week. THIS is why I live where I do.
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Immature Bald Eagle on Ninilchik Beach
Ducks take flight at the mouth of Deep Creek
My kids are PLAYERS…as all good little Ninilchik kids are… 😉
On Ninilchik beach Saturday morning
Ducks in motion, mouth of Deep Creek, Ninilchik, Alaska (yes, those ARE ice chunks)
Muscles in the tide pools Saturday morning
Seagulls are more than just scavengers…the are beautiful in flight.
Seagull on Ninilcik beach.  This looks fake…all I did was darken it. The bird really stands out.
Barnacles in the tide pools.
This one kept circling me.
River Otter, Ninilchik, Alaska
Immature Bald Eagle taking off.  He let me get pretty close.
River Otter, Ninilchik, Alaska
Makes me wonder…where did it come from?
Beach finds
🙂  I wonder…did someone do this? Or did the current make this masterpiece?
Immature Bald Eagle
Bunnies Abound!
Beaver family sunning themselves…this one taken last week.
Mya takes Blessing for a spring ride
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