Just Another Scenic Sunday 5/15/11

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This Week In Photos…
This week I went on an overnight field trip with Mya’s sixth grade class on a boat to Peterson Bay, across the Ketchamak Bay from Homer, Alaska.

We saw a few sea birds…  

Visited Gull Island…thousands of birds on a big rock in the water.
Headed across the bay towards Peterson Bay
Made friends with a squirrel
Slept in a YURT!
Walked along some beautiful shores
Turned over rocks to find treasures beneath…
Found dozens of sand crabs and other creatures
Held some living things…then put them back with care
Decided I wanted to live here…….
…..so I could paddle my kayak out to my boat every morning like this guy…
Proved you CAN play football in rubber boots in the midnight sun…
Used the worlds narrowest outhouse…no elbow room  here…
And then we climbed on the raft and pulled the rope until we reached the floating dock…where the boat would come to take us away from paradise and back to reality.
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