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Momma’s Paintings

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I have glimpses of memory from my very early childhood of my mother  holding a pallet knife and a paint tray.  But not long after my birth my mother…for reasons of insanity caused by parenting, no doubt…stopped painting.  It was a travesty, as my mother has spent her entire life taking care of my dad and us kids…never doing much for herself.  But a few years ago she picked up a brush, signed up for a class at the local college…and begun again.  Here are some samples of her work.  I think she is quite accomplished.

The watchmens cabin in Kasilof, AK. Not there anymore…
This is actually my mom’s mother who is the artist for this one. It’s generational…and skipped me.
From photo I took at the Seward Junction of Sterling Hwy and Seward Hwy.
One Response to "Momma’s Paintings"
  1. Cryllie says:

    Is she considering selling prints at all?  I especially like the cabin on the lake and the red canoe.  The pic of your daughter is nice too, IMH and uneducated O

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