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999Let’s make one thing clear. I am not a cook. The fact that my family is still alive can be attributed directly to Kellogs and Wonder and only in the past few years have I began to actually enjoy what happens in a kitchen.  Most of the time when I bake something from scratch it is almost purely a financial decision because frankly, I am too cheap to buy it if I can make it for less.

And yes, with maturity (old age) comes the desire to live longer, thus suddenly analyzing the long list of unpronounceable ingredients and deciding to cut back on the poisons we ingested for our first forty years.


So I’ve become a ‘canner’.  And because I have at least one child who sustains herself almost solely on chips and salsa and we go through so much of it, I decided to cook some up today.  I ended up with 23 quarts (made two batches) and I figure I spent about 25 bucks. And DESTROYED my tiny kitchen.



SALSA (mega sized)

Large black stock pot

Two 6lb cans crushed tomatoes

One 6 bl can diced tomatoes

8+ jalopenos chopped/with seeds

2-3 cups chopped onions

1 bunch cilantro chopped

2-3 t cayenne pepper

6 T white sugar

2 limes juice



Simmer to mix ingredients. Spoon into jars and hot water bath 15 minutes.

3 Responses to "Salsa"
  1. Kat says:

    We grow & put up nearly all of our produce for the year each summer – it’s been extra cool here in Wisconsin & very few tomatoes so far. It never dawned on me to buy bulk cans of tomatoes to make our piles of salsa and sauces. Thanks for that tip!

  2. Beth says:

    Well done! Now for the next challenge: home made corn chips 😉

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