Stalactites Of Winter

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When winter blends in to the fall that precedes

And darkness consumes us and sunlight recedes

Tall spears of ice, from the roofs edge they dangle

Nearly to ground—a precarious angle.


Through winters of wonder, they magically hold

Till summer comes closer and Christmas grows old

Near April the ice swords, wet, shiny round

Fall from their roots to crash on the ground.


Sporadic, unpredictable, falling like rain

They cave to the pressure, give in to the strain

Heavy-thawed-snow falls down the tin roof

Then hangs from the ledge—gravity proof.


The sheer wall of skewers—ic e sculpture art

Stalactites of winter, always are part

Of a change in the season, with spring round the bend

When snow will all vanish and winter will end.

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3 Responses to "Stalactites Of Winter"
  1. BethDownUnder says:

    Great pic and poem. Reminded me of when we lived in Russia for 3 years. Each winter we would be warned to not walk close to buildings. Every year people there died from ice spears falling on them. They are beautiful though

  2. Lynn Falconer says:

    That’s so evocative that even without the beautiful picture we would all “see” the story. Lovely my dear, Thank you.

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