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The Grapes Of ‘My Bad’

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Today I swung into Walmart in Kenai (don’t judge me…we have literally three grocery stores to choose from…ha) and was perusing the fruit and veggie section when I saw one of the employees drop a bag of grapes from the shelf.  The rolled about on the floor, across the floor matt, under the edge of the shelf.
The employee, wearing clean plastic gloves he is surely required to wear while handling food, then scooped the grapes up and put them all back into the bag. I figured he was going to throw them away. He didn’t.  He retied the plastic holder and placed them right back onto the display rack. Gross.

But here’s the real problem:  I didn’t say anything.

I watched him do it.  I acted like I was choosing the perfect tomato and completely ignored what was happening.  So if I eat some hairy, dirty grape, it’s my own darn fault but lucky me, I skipped the grape purchase.  Unfortunately, some poor unknowing person may buy that bag and hand them to her children.

And it’s MY fault.

And I did this purely because I am just THAT non-confrontational.

My entire life I’ve lived by the rule of ‘don’t rock the boat’.  I do unto others as I would have them do unto me and naively assume the rest of the world is the same way.  I trust. I believe in people. I rarely confront anyone over anything.

And I’m a huge chicken.

Unless my kids are involved. And then from somewhere deep inside me that person who watched those grapes scooped from the filthy floor erupts into a self confident, driven, protective mother.

And if I have it in me, why couldn’t I bring myself to do something about the grapes?  I thought about it. I did. But then I thought…this fellow is trying to earn a living. He may have a family to support.  I should be washing my grapes before I eat them anyway.  Who am I to mess with peoples lives?

But really…who am I NOT to mess with people’s lives?

This attitude is exactly what I preach against…when people don’t step up to help others or when the stand to the side and watch a child be abused.  Clearly dirty grapes are not the same as an abused child…but the value system is what is in question here.  My value system.

 I should have said something and I’m ashamed.  Lesson learned.

I hope.


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