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Today In Anthony’s Brain…

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Anthony: “Mom, you know how Mars has lots of carbon dioxide?  We should plant some plants there because they breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.  It would take a while, but eventually we would be able to live there.  But there are some disadvantages, I’m just not sure what they are yet.”

One Response to "Today In Anthony’s Brain…"
  1. Aurelia Leroux says:

    A friend of mine in Wisconsin (who has eight kids– four of them adopted) told me about your blog, and I’ve been reading through old posts… I love it!  You sound like such a good mom.  I just wanted to tell Anthony that there is a trilogy of books about colonizing and “terraforming” Mars, including this idea of slowly creating an atmosphere we could breathe.  The author is Kim Stanley Robinson, and the books are Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars.  He might like them when he’s a little older.

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