The Backwoods

Where we teeter between our love of modern convenience and the yearning for something long past; a world where neighbors knew your name and a “Friend Request” was eye contact and a smile.

Trash Stalker

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This guy was stalking the garbage bag I put in the back of my truck this morning…



4 Responses to "Trash Stalker"
  1. momtotwelve2005 says:

    Absolutely breathtaking!

  2. Pat says:

    He’s a big boy!!  We can’t put anything outside that seagulls like – or deer – or racoons – has to go in a garbage can with a bungie cord on top!!

  3. Julie says:

    I need to order more prints from you!!  LOVE these!!

  4. Rivers3lady says:

    Awesome photos… Thanks for sharing.

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