What They Did To Me Bum…

If you’ve not been following the sage of the bear/boys/bum injury, here’s a couple of links:

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Last week I went in for an MRI at the request of our local clinic doc here in Ninilchik who took one look at this bruising and said, “How long did you wait to come see me?” shaking her head and pursing her lips like my mother when I was a teenager.



The MRI tech gave me a similar head shake and “Oh My Goodness, honey,” and sent me to an Orthopedics fellow in Homer. But before I could even get to his office he called me, said he’d reviewed my MRI, it wasn’t something he could fix, and he shuffled me off to Anchorage.

Monday the husband drove me up to Anchorage, about a four hour drive, to meet with Dr. Powell, orthopedic surgeon, who diagnosed me before I even left the waiting room based on the way I was hanging half my ass off the edge of the hard plastic chair.

“We’ll do the surgery tomorrow,” he said. “The sooner the better before it gets worse.”

Come to find out, two of the three tendons that hold the hamstring to the pelvic bone had ripped clean off and were just dangling around in the back of my thigh.  Ouch, is right. The fear is, if left too long the nerves can get all twisted into the mess and cause permanent damage. We can’t have that, can we?

So Tuesday morning at eleven I arrived at the Anchorage Spine Center for my appointment where I was promptly given my very own open backed blue gown, fuzzy socks, and a hair net.  A good look for me, I think.


Here is a link describing the surgery they performed, complete with gory pictures and what appear to be forks ripping into the thigh. I’m pretending mine was much prettier. SURGERY LINK

Apparently what they did was slit a hole across the bottom of my right butt cheek from inner to outer thigh, somewhere around 6 inches across. I’ve not seen it yet, it’s well packaged up. But boy, can I feel it.

Then they fished around until they found the dangling tendons and hamstring so they could reattach the little buggers.  They drilled HOLES in my pelvic bone and hooked the tendons in place with some kind of super strong wires, then sewed the whole mess back up.

Then an hour later they stuck me on crutches for the first time and sent me on my way.  No dilly-dallying around the hospital these days.  Just a few crackers and you’re outta there.


The husband planted me in a hotel room with flowers, peach yogurt, crackers and my cell phone. He knows me so well. And we spent the night in neighboring beds, him snoring, me whining, and then after a checkup with the doc, we drove home today.

I’ve been instructed in no uncertain terms by Dr. Powell to lay here in this bed in the middle of the cabin for the next six weeks.  I’m not to use my right leg, not to hop around trying to do things for myself or others and I’m not under any circumstances to chase any more bears.

My view for the next six weeks…

I think I can follow thru with most of that.

I’m not gonna lie…I’m in a lot of pain. The meds they gave me make me sweat a lot and my breathing feels funny, if I take the full dose so I cut myself back to half which controls the pain, but doesn’t take it away by a long shot.

We were brought a halibut dinner by one dear lady, another came and picked up the boys for an overnighter, the girls are gone and the husband went right out to push some more gravel onto our driveway before the sun set.  So I’m alone in my little bed we put it the middle of the cabin, wincing at the pain and trying to look at the brighter side of things.

I aint dead.  I’ll get out of dishes for the next six weeks. And as was pointed out by so many readers…at least I’ll have more time to write.




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9 Replies to “What They Did To Me Bum…”

  1. Oh my goodness, Take it slow, As my long time friend Orthopedic Surgeon/friend says, Don’t let Doctor’s push you into anything you’re not ready for. If you don’t think it’s time to move to the next step, Don’t do it. No two people heal the same way despite what the Insurance plans tell us.. Listen to you’re body always.

  2. “I aint dead.” Excellent! What a very GOOD thing!

    And the bear that caused all this trouble did not actually attack your boys. Again… a good outcome re: the boys vs the bear.

    You were not in a good position to defend your kids that day once you were so injured yourself, so, again, it’s a wonderful thing that the bear got out of there without coming after you or the boys.

    Hang in there. This, too, shall pass. You might never again have any good excuse to rest and recover over a long period of time — unlike these next six weeks, anyway. I hope you find some kind of daily rhythm that works out okay for you and yours, and somehow make the most of this bad situation.

    You might want to ask the doc to order you some different, better, pain meds if that seems like a good idea. Slicing and dicing your butt, poking around with your muscles, and drilling holes in your pelvic bone (ack!) sounds like some topnotch pain meds are needed for the next several weeks!

    Keep us informed. We care about you and your family.

  3. Oh dear! Well, you do exactly what the doctor told you and get better. I don’t want you chasing bears but I do love to see your pics of Alaska so you have to get better! LOL Seriously – Get well soon and I’ll light a few candles – maybe that will help. 🙂

  4. I’ve been on crutches since the end of June with a knee injury followed by surgery. They had to replace one of the ligaments in my knee with one from a cadaver. Similar process, drill holes through the knee cap and the femur, attach ligament, have some juice and send you home. Ice will help with the pain and swelling, use it often. When you are able to move about, a backpack helps carry things, I also bought a pouch that attaches to my crutch to handle small things. Travel mugs and tumblers with screw on lids are also helpful. Water on the floor is your enemy! Hunting the pets with nerf guns can help relieve the boredom, but retrieving the ammo can be a challenge. Good luck and get well soon!

  5. Did they tell you to ice? If so please use this link on how to make your own. They are SO much better than store bought ones. We make and rotate 3 of them when my husband has done something to need it. I do not use dye. Make sure to use GOOD bags as they will spring a leak at some point.

    Listen to your doc. NO weight on that leg. Not even a toe tap. It will be hard.

    Do you have a backpack? That works great for getting stuff to carry back to you bed. See about getting a walker to help you move around. Make it higher than you would normally do there is no chance of putting that foot down.

    Bathing/showering-a chair with rubber ends on the end fit in most tubs and work great for you to hold onto while someone else hoses you down.

    Kim (can you tell my husband is a master of disaster?)

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