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When They Were Sisters

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Mya and Shawnta 2004
They sit at the tiny table, the two of them.
One across from the other
Cutching crayons
In pink fingers.  Perfect little fingers.
The girl on the left is four, the right six.
Sized almost the same
Almost identical
They are sisters in life—if not by blood.
The left one speaks clearly.  Smart, witty, quick,
Talented, smart-ass
She leads the other
She will always rule her, if not the whole world.
The left child sings her alphabet, says her numbers
And yells at the older one
When she gets it wrong
She is perfect, mean, loud, strong, normal and loved.
The child on the right smiles all day long and listens to the other
Sing the alphabet and sometimes
Says a letter in the middle
She is special, loving, huggable, happy, simple and loved.
They color their pictures.
One inside the lines
The other outside the page.
The older reaches over.
Strokes blonde hair from
Her sister’s face
Smiling sweetly when the younger one swats her hand.

Two For One – 2004


Sly glances
Knowing looks
Repertoire between them
Sharing all
Two as one
Know each others feelings
She will cry
She will laugh
Never knowing which one
Until they
turn around
One smiles, the other frowns. 

3 Responses to "When They Were Sisters"
  1. Shawnta? I know you have Mya May…

  2. Anonymous says:

    beautiful sisterhood . . .

  3. Karij says:

    love your blog and thought you might enjoy my post today.  You are an amazing woman and I thank God for you

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